Tagcom is a 3 day event which started yesterday May 20 until sunday. It was held at the Robinsons Manila Midtown Atrium. Admission is FREE, so everybody are happy. ( ”,)

While toy collectors are checking for bargains, there are some activities that kept other visitors busy. Gundam fanatics are customizing their gundam kits which will be judged on the last day of the event. There’s an area with a small track for people who would like to show their drifting skills using a radio controlled car. All of the winners of the competitions will receive a trophy for the first place and certificates for the 2nd and 3rd placers.

An auction was held on the stage for different toys with cheap prices.

Here are some photos of the toy booths.

There are some booths that sells comics (price starts at 10 pesos), manga (100 pesos) and graphic novels.

Presenting… life-size Marvel superheroes. *drumrolls*

Finally, the stars of the event… toys. =p

Keychains and beanie hats are also crowd’s favorite buys.

Cosplay has been a part of toy conventions. Every year more participants join such event to showcase their creativity in making their costumes and talent on how they project themselves infront of their audience. Winning cosplayers will receive trophies plus cash. Here are some photos.

All in all the event was fun. I enjoyed checking each booths for toys that I can buy. Luckily, I found small disney stuff toys that are really cheap. =) As much as I wanted to buy some of my favorite anime characters figures, good thing I don’t have all my money with me or else I might be coming home with bags of toys. hehe

Mark your calendar… TOY CONvention 2011 will be on June 18-19 at the Megatrade Hall 1,2 and 3, 5th level, Mega B, SM Megamall
10am-10pm. See you there!!  ( ”,)


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  1. gien says:

    waw… kinarir ang english…. nabulol ako sa pagbasa…. ;p nice one… nice toys…. 😉

  2. sofia says:

    ang galing idol!!!
    anime lover..

  3. gien says:

    huwaw…. lume-level up ang chekwa…. 😉

  4. beebeeyog says:

    hey i miss ur nature themed sh0ts ü

  5. i agree with gien! this is something Syngkit!


    with your post, i thought you were part of the PR dept. of this event. hehehe! and i want to congratulate you because in my monitor your alexa ranking is 4, 812,211. it is high for a new blogger like you.

    so continue to post and continue to do things that you like to do. mabuhay!

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