Two days ago we visited the world’s largest floating book fair . The ship arrived in Manila last Feb. 17. Cebu was it’s first stop in the Philippines.

Upon boarding you will see the reception area and on the left side is the wall with photos regarding the ship’s important events.

The crew will great guests and lead them to the seats that looked like your sitting in a lifeboat. A short film will be shown about MV Logos Hope.

Over 5,000 books with different selections can be found.

You can see price tags on the books. 1 unit is equal to 1 peso.

Music cds from various artist are also for sale.

Other items are also for sale like cards, children’s educational toys, ship’s memorabila and many more.

There is a cafe area where you can have something to eat, cup of coffee, ice cream and drinks with affordable prices. =)

MV Logos Hope is open until March 13 at Pier 15 berth 4 South Harbor. Opening hours at 10 am – 9:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm – 9:30pm on Sundays. Tickets cost 20 pesos.


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  1. gien says:

    wow… so how much money will I need when I spend a day here??? heheheh… peace.. hi ms tour guide.. 😉

  2. shynyrd says:

    punta tayo nila hoshi. hehe

  3. i really like how you presented your photos! nice shots! really…. 🙂 i found your link exchanged at i also had an impression about mv logos hope but about its visit in cebu. im from cebu! hehe but right now im in makati ^^ your blog site name is so cute.. is it somehow you’re also interested about japanese culture as well? my blog site also deals about japanese culture in cebu. maybe if you’re interested you can check it out 😉 recently there was a japanese orchestra event last weekend! 😀

  4. gien says:

    RarusuChin is right.. Since you’re cute bagay ka nga mag.cosplay, hehe 😀 gow syngkit! 😉

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